Daily Herald: Menu, renovations give Palatine's Brandt's a new lease on life

By Deborah Pankey

To those of you who cornered me at the Y, stopped me while I walked my dog and chatted me up at school functions, I have the answer: Yes, I've been to the new Brandt's. My question back is, "Why haven't you?"

Perched at the intersection of Northwest Highway and Quentin Road, Brandt's is a longtime Palatine favorite that faced an uncertain future earlier this year. A couple of Palatine pals purchased the 130-year-old building, which has housed a restaurant since the 1940s. In late March, Brandt's The Little Cafe reopened as Brandt's of Palatine.


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longtime Palatine staple won't be going to the auction block, after all.

New owners Walt Oswald and Jim Iuorio stepped up and purchased the struggling Brandt's Little Cafe, located at the southwest corner of Northwest Highway and Quentin Road. They hope to re-brand, refurbish and reopen the burger and rib joint next month as Brandt's of Palatine....

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